Best Places To Visit In Auli For Maximum Relaxation in the Hills :

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Hello my dear reader, in this new article of ours, in this article we will give complete information about visiting Auli, so you are requested to read this article till the end.

Auli is in the Chamoli district in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand. Auli, also known as Auli Bugyal in Garhwali, means “grassland”. The valley has the largest number of species of flowers found anywhere in the world.

  • It is situated at an altitude of 2,500 meters (8,200 ft) to 3,050 meters (10,010 ft) above the sea level. Auli is one of the best Uttarakhand tourist places. You can go for several treks in the hills of the Garhwal Himalayas and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the snow-capped mountains.
Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • Auli is a new entry for tourists from India. But now Auli is also slowly becoming famous like other hill stations of India. Here cold winds, huge mountains covered with snow, Trishul peak, Nanda Devi peak. Nanda Devi is the 23rd highest peak in the world and it is the second highest peak in India with a height of 7,816 metres.
  • Auli boasts of Asia’s longest and highest cable car ride, which covers a total distance of 4 kms.

History of Auli:

  • A temple built by him at Joshimath is said to have existed in these regions for hundreds of years, a colorful semi-nomadic clan of Bhotiyas of Mongolian stock, in the 8th century Adi Shankaracharya, a colorful semi-nomadic clan of the Bhotias, established their own settlement in Auli at a place called Thauli. traveled till
  • Their long yaks, laden with an assortment of goods, aided them in conducting a prosperous trade with nearby Tibet. Before Auli was developed as a ski resort, this slope served as a training ground for the men of Valor. There was the field and with courage were the ski-equipped men of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force.

Auli Uttarakhand tourist places

Joshimath Uttarakhand Tourist Places :

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • It is believed that Mahaguru Adi Shankaracharya attained enlightenment here. There is also Shankaracharya’s Math and Amar Kalp Vriksha here. The tree is believed to be around 2,500 years old. Joshi Math is at a distance of 12 km from Auli. It is considered to be the gateway to Badrinath and the Valley of Flowers.

Gurso Bugyal Uttarakhand tourist places:

  • It is a beautiful place, which is very green in summer. The place is surrounded by lush green forests of conifers and oaks. Tourists reach here by ropeway from Joshimath. There is also a small reservoir named ‘Chhattarkund Lake’ near Gurso Bugyal. The most famous trek of Auli should be the Gerson Bugyal trek, which may take you 5 to 7 hours to do this trek.
  • If you have seen the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, then this Gorson Bugyal Trek Uttarakhand Tourist Places is exactly the same as the trek Ranveer Kapoor and Deepika Padukone do in it.
  • You can also do chair car to start this trek, if you don’t want to do chair car then you can also go on foot and if anyone has any problem in walking then horses also run here, instead of sitting you can also go for this trek. You can experience the beautiful trek. The chair car ticket is 500 per person for both coming and going.

Trishul Peak:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • All the three Himalayan mountains are in the Trishul peaks of western Kumaon. Its height is 7120 meters. The Trishul Agreement forms the south-west corner of the Ring of Finex which encircles the Nanda Devi National Park. In 1907, the primary summit, Trishul turned into the principal summit taken at any point over 7,000 metres. The peak can easily be best viewed from the middle of the Roopkund trek.
  • Between the blustery season in March and April, the climate becomes extremely cold due to substantial snowfall in the valley. Additionally in spring, it remains exceptionally chilly. The temperature drops frequently. In the long period of September, October and November, the climate is lovely.

Auli Ropeway:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • The 4.15 km long ropeway connecting Joshimath to Auli is the second longest ropeway in Asia. This ropeway takes people to Auli at a height of more than ten thousand feet above sea level through ten towers.
  • This 22 km long ropeway is the second longest ropeway in Asia. Its speed is considered more than the rest of the country’s ropeway. 25 tourists can sit in the cabin at a time. Uttarakhand Tourist Places

Skiing in Auli:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • One of the best and most popular skiing destinations in India, the slopes of Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places offer a great run. The 5km long slopes with consistently good snow (about 3m deep) are perfect for professionals and beginners. A 500-metre ski-lift system, said to be the longest cable car in India, connects Joshimath to Gerson, a little above Auli. From Gerson, a chair lift takes skiers up to the base lodge.
  • Skiers can ski downhill from here. Many national and international skiing events are also organized here. There are skiing and snowboarding schools and equipment is easily rented.

Kwani Bugyal:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • Situated at an altitude of 3,380 meters above sea level, this lush green meadow is a paradise for nature lovers and trekkers. About 13 km from Gurso Bugyal, this Bugyal (alpine pasture or meadow) can be reached by trekking. It offers some of the most spectacular views of snow-capped mountain peaks, panoramic views, fresh air and lots of adventure

Trekking and Camping in Auli:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • Auli has some great slopes where you can trek. Peaks ranging from about 2500 to 3000 meters, Auli has good trekking routes for trekking enthusiasts.
  • You can trek to Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Kamet, Man Parvat, Dunagiri, and Joshimath from Auli. Other smaller trekking ranges are Gerson, Tali, Kuari Pass, Khulara and Tapovan.

Soldhaar Tapovan:

  • This is a major tourist destination of Auli. The hot water fountains running here are worth seeing. But to go here, tourists need to be very careful. It is said that the tourists who are mentally and physically strong can easily visit this place.

Nanda Devi Uttarakhand tourist places:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • The highest mountain in India, Nanda Devi is situated at an altitude of 7,817 metres. Nanda Devi is one of the highest hill stations in India. The peak is named for the blessings of the goddess herself.
  • The Nanda Devi National Park that surrounds the peak is also a place where you can spot flora and fauna and biodiversity.

Artificial Lake Uttarakhand tourist places:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • The beautiful lake located in Auli is not a natural lake, but created with the help of technical machines and engineers, Auli Lake (Artificial Lake) is a wonder to the eyes. This lake has always been a center of attraction for tourists.
  • Artificial snow is made by this artificial lake in Auli with the help of technology. This is the reason that this tourist place of Uttarakhand tourist places is mostly covered with sheets of ice due to the artificial ice created by this artificial lake. This lake is surrounded by snow most of the time, so it looks very beautiful.

Why is Auli famous:

  • Auli Uttarakhand is famous for 360 degree view of Garhwal Himalaya and Nanda Devi.
  • Bugyal is famous for trek.
  • Auli’s artificial lake is famous, which is also called (Artificial Lake).
  • Famous for photography.
  • Auli is famous for the snow covered mountain.
  • Famous for trekking.
  • It is famous for Nanda Devi peak.
  • It is famous for the Trishul peak.
  • Famous for camping.
  • Auli is famous for skiing.

What is the best time to visit Auli?

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • Before making a plan to visit Auli, it is very important for all of you to know the exact time to visit here. The best time to visit Auli for skiing is between December and March when you will get to see the huge mountains covered with snow as well as snowfall, this view will definitely make you feel like heaven on earth.
  • However, the best season to visit Auli is round the year. The summer months in Auli, from April to June, are great to experience pleasant weather.
  • Note :- Auli you can come at any time except the rainy season.

Famous Food Of Auli Uttrakhand:

Auli Food
  • Garhwali cuisine includes a variety of pulses, leafy vegetables and rice. Local delicacies include kacholi (goat stuffed with oil and spices), bal mithai (a popular local sweet), singhori (a cone-shaped sweet wrapped in malu leaf).
  • Here you will get a chance to taste Garhwali food at some places. Garhwali cuisine includes a variety of pulses, leafy vegetables and rice.
  • Local delicacies include kacholi (goat stuffed with oil and spices), bal mithai (a popular local sweet), singhori (a cone-shaped sweet wrapped in malu leaf). Small cafes serving tea, coffee and instant noodles are dotted along the road.

How to reach Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places?

  • The best way to reach Auli is to take a bus from Delhi to Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, you can either take a private taxi to Auli (9 hours) or a shared taxi till Joshimath (8 hours). Another fun way would be to take a shared taxi till Joshimath and from there take the second longest cable car in India from Joshimath to Auli.
  • This cable car is 16 km long, takes 22 minutes. Remember that cab/bus operators do not drive after sunset on the roads between Rishikesh and Joshimath, although they promise to drop you to the destination but it is risky.

How To Reach Auli By Train?

  • The nearest railway station to Auli is Haridwar Railway Station which is situated at a distance of 273 km from Auli. Dehradun and Rishikesh railway stations are also considered as the nearest railway head to Auli.
  • From Haridwar, you can catch a bus to Auli or you can hire a taxi to Joshimath, from where you will have to take a cable car or bus to Auli.

How To Reach Auli By Road?

  • You will need to take a bus or taxi from Joshimath to reach Auli. Joshimath is well connected to major cities of Uttarakhand like Dehradun, Rishikesh and Haridwar. Buses are also available from Delhi to Joshimath.
  • From Joshimath, Auli is located at a distance of 10 km and you can reach here by ropeway or by road.

How to reach Auli by flight?

  • The nearest airport to Auli is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. From Dehradun, it is most convenient to travel by taxi or catch a bus to Auli. Bus takes you till Joshimath, from Joshimath you have to reach Auli by ropeway or by road. Traveling by ropeway is time saving and more exciting.

Auli temperature information:

Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places
  • The temperature of Auli remains cool for 12 months, you can see below what is the temperature in which month.
  • January 5 ° / -4 ° 14 days
  • February 8 ° / -3 ° 6 days
  • March 9 / -1 ° 16 days
  • April 14 / 2 ° 14 days
  • May 18 ° / 5 ° 5 days
  • June 20 / 9 ° 10 days
  • July 19° / 11° 24 days
  • August 19° / 12° 25 days
  • September 19 / 10° 16 days
  • October 16 ° / 5 ° 3 days
  • November 13° / 3° 8 days
  • December 8 / -2 ° 6 days

Top 10 Things To Do In Auli Uttarakhand Tourist Places:

  • Can go skiing
  • Auli Gerson Bugyal can be trekked.
  • Can do camping
  • Take a ride on Asia’s longest cable car.
  • You can see the Trishul peak.
  • see Nanda Devi mountain.
  • You can buy from local market.
  • Get have local food of Auli.
  • You can visit Chenab Lake.
  • You can see the artificial lake of Auli.

FAQ’s ?

Q-What is Auli famous for?

A-Auli is basically a winter tourist destination. Travelers visit the hill station to witness snowfall and participate in skiing activities.

Q-How do I go from Delhi to Auli?

A- The best option is to take a bus to Rishikesh and then a private taxi to Auli or a shared jeep to Joshimath.

Q-Is it safe to travel to Auli?

A- The local residents of Auli are very warm and welcoming. Travelers will find the local people friendly and helpful.

Q-How many days is enough for Auli?

A- To enjoy the enchanting beauty of Auli and participate in some world-class ski activities, it is best to spend at least 3 days in Auli.

Q-What is the best time for snowfall in Auli?

A- There is a possibility of snowfall in the month of March, but from December to February the city is covered with snow.

Q. What is the local food in Auli?

A. Food options are limited in the city and your resorts and hotels will be the most convenient option. At some places you can find Garhwali cuisine. Garhwali cuisine includes a variety of pulses, leafy vegetables and rice. Local delicacies include kachmauli (goat stuffed with oil and spices), bal mithai (a popular local sweet), singhori (a cone-shaped sweet wrapped in malu leaf) and more. There are small local roadside cafes serving tea, coffee and instant noodles.

Q.Is ATM facility available in Auli?

A.ATM facility is not easily available in Auli. Even if there are one or two, most are out of order. For ATM you have to go till Joshimath which is at a distance of 16 km from Auli.

Friends, through this article, we have given detailed information about the places to visit in Auli. If you go for a trip to Auli then you must visit these places so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends on social media and make them also enjoy the beautiful place like Auli.

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